The Light Curve Morphology Analysis
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KIC 6118779
RA: 290.2789
DEC: 41.4117
Current epoch: 15077
Current orbital phase: 0.4515
Orbital period [d]: 0.3642464
Reference minimum [bjd]: 54964.621050
Kmag: 15.5100

Median maxima separation [phase]: 0.50994
Median O'Conell effect [flux]: -0.01668405694716
Effective temperature (KEBC) [K]: 5428.0000
Slope of the maxima height relation: -0.95417921856909
Slope of the maxima separation v. minima depth difference relation: 2.59095066705501
Minima timing (precise)
Minima timing (parabolic fit):
O'Connell effect evolution:
Maxima separation evolution:
Maxima height relation (absolute):
Maxima height relation (relative):
Maxima separation v. minima depth difference: