The Light Curve Morphology Analysis


Prezentation from Telc 2019 [PDF]

(1) Introduction to the LCMA [PDF]

(2) A crude animation of the light curve evolution (KIC 2159785)
- raw data from Kepler [GIF]

(3) A crude animation of the O'Connell effect evolution in KIC 6118779
- raw Kepler data [GIF]

(4) A relation between the maxima separation and the mass ratio in contact binaries
-B. Debski, 2019 [ADS]

(5) Starspot migration in close binaries: A fast parameters evaluation from large sky surveys
- B. Debski and S. Zola, 2017 [ADS]

(6) Animation of a moving cross-correlation between the O'Connell effect and the maxima separation. [GIF]

(7) Animation of a polar starspot migration in a contact binary [GIF]
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